British House of Commons, 1945

Chair: Andrew Zhou

about the committee:

By 1945, the United Kingdom was completely drained by wartime austerity, and great concerns remained concerning the future of the well-being of the nation and its people. Thousands found themselves homeless due to the aggressive bombings of the German Luftwaffe during the Blitz, and many feared that the economic instability and unemployment of the Great Depression would quickly return. Furthermore, the very existence of the British Empire found itself threatened by the growth of anti-colonial resentment across the Empire, from India to the Middle East.

As the members of the British House of Commons, it is now your job to address these issues and find solutions in this wholly unprecedented time in British history, with all the special quirks and specialties of parliamentary debate. For four days, prepare to engage with party politics and witty repartee in this thrilling legislative committee. Hear, hear!

background guide coming in November!

topic b: the empire and decolonization

topic A: rebuilding britain’s economy and society



Hello delegates,

Welcome to MUNUM XXXIII! My name is Andrew Zhou and I will be your committee director for the British House of Commons. I’m a sophomore in the College of Engineering studying Computer Science. My long history in high school Model UN has brought me here to MUNUM, where I previously was a rapporteur for the South Vietnamese Committee and am now your committee director. Outside of MUNUM, I am also an officer in WolverineSoft, which is Michigan’s video game design and development club, as well as a quizbowler and Dungeons and Dragons player.

My name is Rachel Lissner and I am very excited to be you Assistant Director for the British House of Commons at MUNUM XXXIII! I am a double major in Economics and International Studies with a minor in Energy Science & Policy (I promise it sounds like a lot more than it is). Beyond MUNUM I am active in the UMich chapter of UNICEF and I am on the board of the Society of Women in Economics. I also love to travel and am mildly obsessed with yoga. We look forward to meeting you all in January and hope you are as excited about this committee as we are!

The British House of Commons serves as the main body of Parliament--the United Kingdom’s main legislative body--and it creates and debates the laws that govern the entire nation. In this committee, we will place you into a pivotal time in British history, right after a shocking upset in the 1945 General Election, bringing Clement Attlee’s Labour into government despite the wartime legacy of Churchill and the Conservatives.  

As members of Parliament, all of you will be tackling the very issues that are defining a war-weary Britain: an economy drained from austerity and rationing, a population afraid of post-war instability and unemployment, and an empire damaged from external threats and internal vulnerabilities. Get ready to debate the rebuilding of the nation, the development of the welfare state and economy, and the future of the British Empire.

When I initially proposed this committee, I wanted to create a fun and novel experience that included many things not often seen in high school Model UN. So from Prime Minister’s Questions to internal party dynamics, prepare for four days of witty repartee, shouts of “ORDER”, and exciting debate. See you in January!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Go Blue!

Andrew and Rachel