Global Intelligence Committee

Chair: Ashwin Ojha

TOPIC 1: Classified

TOPIC 2: Classified



Dear Honorable Delegates,

First and foremost, I offer each and every one of you the warmest welcome to our committee – the Global Intelligence Committee. Get ready for some engaging debates about some of the world’s most pressing international security issues! But before we get into these exciting debates let me introduce myself.

My name is Ashwin OJha and I will be your director for the Global Intelligence committee. I am currently senior in the engineering school majoring in Computer Science and Minoring in Business. I grew up and went to high school in Maryland. It was in high school where I found MUN and I ended up participating in the MUN club there for all four years of high school. I only joined MUNUM last year as a staffer on this very committee and before MUNUM I joined more startup oriented clubs like MPowered. My hobbies outside of MUN are playing soccer/basketball, hiking, and I have recently started to pick up dancing.

Our committee will focus on discussing current security issues with topics such as cyber security, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. Each delegate will be part of a team that represents a security agency of a particular country. This committee will be structured like a sudo crisis committee. The topics and subtopics you will discuss in committee will be based on intelligence and crisis elements during committee. As with any crisis type committee delegates will be able to interact directly with crisis for information they may need. I cannot wait to meet and work with you all, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the conference, our committee, or Michigan.

Best Regards,

Ashwin Ojha