UN Security Council, 1979

Chairs: Chauncey Seeger & Arwen Yoon

About the Committee:

Set in the year 1979, the United Nations Security Council will face the daunting task of alleviating tensions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Specifically, this committee must tackle the issues of Khmer Rouge and the Iranian Revolution. Both of these issues were microcosms of the Cold War, and conflicting national agendas threatens to undermine international unity. The Security Council must uphold global security and prevent human rights violations. Will peace and justice prevail? Or will the world end in nuclear holocaust? Only time will tell.

background guide coming in November!

TOPIC A: The iranian revolution

TOPIC B:  the khmer rouge regime



Welcome Delegates to the Security Council of the United Nations!

We are happy to welcome you all to MUNUM XXXIII and hope you are as excited as we are for our first session together. Our names are Chauncey Seeger and Arwen Yoon, your Co-Directors for this year’s UNSC, and Hannah Albee, your Assistant Director. All of us have been delegates for years, and we are thrilled to see what you all will bring to the table. Chauncey and Arwen are also members of the University of Michigan’s competitive travelling Model UN team, BlueMUN, and will be working in tandem with Hannah to offer you all an awesome committee.

In West Philadelphia born and raised, Arwen is a current sophomore in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Although she is undecided at the moment, she is leaning towards the Political Science/pre-law track with a potential minor in Business. Since her freshman year of high school, MUN has been her life, and she has been lovingly described as a “stereotypical Model UN kid.” Outside of MUNUM and blueMUN, however, she also is involved with Michigan’s Korean Student Association and Asian Intervarsity “for the culture” and enjoys cooking and music in her free time. This past summer Arwen was a marketing intern at a startup in Philly, where she learned that she should probably stick to law.

Chauncey is a rising sophomore from Chicago in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. He is a History major and French minor, and wants to add a second major (one that is hopefully more employable). He has been involved with Model UN for four years, and has always been passionate about the activity. After successfully representing Iran in a committee on protecting human rights, and Iraq in a committee on promoting renewable energy, he believes he is well-equipped to sell out in a job market run by mega corporations. This summer, Chauncey studied the European Union in Amsterdam and Brussels, and spent some time fishing and kayaking in Northern Minnesota.

Hannah is a sophomore in the College of LSA from East Lansing, Michigan. She is a Political Science major and French minor, and spent summer 2k19 attempting (and failing) to speak French in Grenoble. She’s been taking part in Model UN since her freshman year of high school and is also currently involved in LSA student government. She is also a Resident Advisor in East Quad. When she gets the chance, she plays the cello and loves to read.

The United Nations Security Council was created in 1946 with the tasks of upholding international peace and security. It is composed of members from 15 nations, with five of these nations holding permanent seats on the Security Council. Unlike other UN institutions, which can only offer recommendations, the Security Council can take action against global threats. You will be tasked with using the powers of this influential institution to address issues regarding everything from religious fanaticism to nuclear war in the year 1979, and we cannot wait to see how you tackle the challenges your committee will face.

Go Blue!

Chauncey, Arwen, and Hannah