United States Senate

Chair: Lucas Reynolds

about the committee:

Our topics were chosen by my Dias and me because they encapsulate two issues that are central in contemporary American federal legislative politics: criminal justice reform and energy. The first of these, criminal justice reform, is a growing issue as many politicians from across the spectrum call for changes to the Nation’s criminal procedures, sentencing standards, and felony statuses. Within this topic, the committee is challenged to picture an American judicial and prison system that functions competently, constitutionally, and cohesively. Hot button issues on both national and state level include: the death penalty, the decriminalization of nonviolent drug crimes (like the possession of marijuana or psychedelic mushrooms), and sentencing standards for a whole host of issues related to gun crimes, sexual assault, etc.

The second of these topics is energy reform. This deals with a variety of federal issues related to the burning of fossil fuels, biopolitics, renewable energy investment, regulatory standards for utility companies, and climate change. Delegates will be challenged to create energy legislation that considers science, socioeconomic, and financial factors in order to build a regulatory standard that is just and forward looking.

background guide coming In November!

topic b: energy reform

topic A: criminal justice revision in american legislation


Letter from the Chair:

Dear Delegates—

By way of introduction, I am Lucas Reynolds, and I will serve as your Director for this specialized committee of the United States Senate for Model United Nations at the University of Michigan XXXIV. I am a fourth-year student in the Ross School of Business, and I am minoring in history. My primary interest is law school; however, I have held various roles in finance for a large bank and investment institutions during my summers as an undergraduate. I have proposed this committee every year for the last three, and now, as I culminate my time as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, I am very excited to direct this committee.

This committee is special as you will have easy access to the platforms of the Senators that you are assigned. I challenge you to embrace and argue positions that you may not truly believe or even “detest.” We, myself included, are all young adults still trying to figure out what and who to believe, so let this committee be an opportunity for you to expand your worldview. Dive into your research and let the goal of this committee be educational for you and me.

I look forward to reading your position papers. If you have any questions, please email me with MUNUM XXXIV in the subject line. Best of luck in your preparations. See you in January.

My best,



A Brief hello from my assistant director:

Hi everyone! I’m Ambika Sinha, a Sophomore at the LSA Honors College hoping to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Central New Jersey. Outside of MUNUM, I write for the Michigan Daily, our campus newspaper, and love to spend my time listening to music and hanging out with my buddies. I am truly excited to be your Assistant Director as our committee allows you to consider the political livelihood and policy creation of matters that directly affect you and your community right now. I’m excited to see all of you explore the balance between political responsibility and the moral culpability that comes from having a position of power. I hope you are all excited to take on this challenge and create your own conclusions about the American political system for yourself.