A letter from Secretary-General Beltramo

Dear Delegates, Parents, and Advisers,
It is my sincerest pleasure to introduce myself as the Secretary-General for MUNUM XXXII.
While I know that the conference is still some months away, I want to take this
opportunity to introduce myself to all of you and to welcome you to the most exciting MUNUM
This year, we are working to continue to build on past successes, to provide novel ways to
challenge and entertain delegates during their committees, and to develop young adults who are
more engaged, better prepared, and more aware of the world they live in. We are working to
improve on our end in terms of training and preparation in advance of the conference, in the
hopes of continuing to develop a staff who can put on a spectacular conference that will engage
all our delegates.
Recent events in global affairs remind us always of the necessity and the importance of activities
like Model United Nations. Through the skills that Model United Nations ingrains in young
people, high school students come out of these experiences as more aware of their world and as
better citizens. Now more than ever, with the growing interconnectedness of the world and rising
threats both to security and to democracy across the world, it is exactly these sorts of skills and
values that we must advocate for. We look forward to the year to come, and hope that you will
work with us in making this the best conference yet for our delegates.
I look forward to seeing all our delegates and advisors return in January of 2019 for the thirty-
second ever MUNUM conference.

Warm Regards,
Niccolo Beltramo
Secretary-General, MUNUM XXXII



MUNUM XXXII will be held in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan

Join Our CONFERence

Registration for MUNUM XXXI begins on September 25th, through our online registration system. We are working to bring about a number of enhancements to our standard format with our 2018 conference. Please visit our Committees page for more detailed information on the topics. 

Feel free to reach out to us at munum.external@gmail.com.

Conference Fees

Fees to attend MUNUM XXXI include a $50 non-refundable school registration fee.  The individual delegate fees are outlined below.

• Early Registration: $60
• Normal Registration: $75
• Late Registration: $85

If you change your delegate count, your fees are adjusted as described.

• Until 12/1: Full refund
• 12/2-1/2: 50% refund
• After 1/3: No refund

Every school, even those paying onsite, will have to pay the full amount that is listed on their invoice by four weeks after their registration. This policy prevents schools from changing numbers last minute, and allows us to adequately prepare for the capacity we expect.

Important Dates

Registration is done on a rolling basis. Unfortunately space is limited, so be sure to consult the timeline below.

  • Early Registration: 9/25–10/5

  • Normal Registration: 10/6–10/31

  • Late Registration: 11/1–11/28

Fees are due 4 weeks after registration, with December 16th as the absolutely final deadline. Special accommodations can be arranged after contacting the Secretariat at munum.external@gmail.com. The first day of conference is the final date for any case-by-case payment extension (such as onsite payment).