Meet the Secretariat of MUNUM XXXIII

The Secretariat and Under-Secretaries-General of MUNUM XXXIII has been working hard to make the upcoming 2020 conference the best MUNUM yet!


Jack Wroldsen


Having participated in Model UN since seventh grade, Jack is thrilled to serve as the Secretary-General for MUNUM XXXIII. A junior studying History and Economics with a minor in Political Science, Jack previously served as a Co-Director for the King’s Council of the Virginia Company and a rapporteur for SPECPOL. Outside of MUNUM, Jack conducts research on plantations in the Reconstruction era with an Economics professor. He is also the Vice President of blueMUN, U of M’s competitive Model UN team, a staff writer for the Michigan Journal of International Affairs, and a member of a pre-law and public policy fraternity. He hopes to write a senior thesis on international security economics, and eventually attend law and graduate school focusing on security/defense and trade law. Outside of school, Jack enjoys studying in Espresso Royale (also known as his office), mountain biking, and going to concerts.

Sydney box

Deputy Secretary-General of Internal Affairs

Sydney is proud to serve as Deputy Secretary-General of Internal Affairs for MUNUM XXXIII. This is Sydney’s seventh, and final, year of model UN, having previously served as MUNUM’s USG for Specialized Committees, and both a rapporteur and AD for DISEC. She is a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Economics, and hopes to go to law school post-undergrad to study cybersecurity law. Outside of MUNUM, Sydney was the president of her social sorority in 2018, and spent most of her term involved in sexual violence empowerment and education programs. She also does research on trade policy through the political science department, and spends her summers working at a political action committee. Sydney is excited to bring her unique experiences to help make MUNUM XXXIII the best one yet!


Sydney McKinstry

Deputy Secretary General of External Affairs

Sydney is excited to be returning as Deputy Secretary-General of External Affairs for MUNUM XXXIII! This year will be her fourth and final MUNUM, and she can’t wait to make it the best one yet. She is a senior double majoring in History and Psychology with interests in institutionalization, memory, and social psychology. Currently, she is writing a thesis on a state psychiatric hospital in Michigan and how the local community perceived it while it was open. Outside of academics, Sydney staffs multiple other Model UN conferences (including CASC, MAMUN, and MeDMUN). She is also a Resident Advisor in an all-Freshman dorm and an Orientation Leader, so she loves working with students! After graduating, she would like to attend graduate school to expand her interests in institutionalization. Outside of school, she loves attending concerts, playing with Kinetic Sand, and showing people pictures of her cats.

Brendan Jackson

Secretary of Finance

Brendan is looking forward to serving his second term as MUNUM’s Secretary of Finance. This will be his seventh year participating in Model UN, and he is beyond grateful for the incredible experiences and friends that MUNUM has led him to over the past three years. Since being at the University of Michigan, Brendan has served as a rapporteur for Security Council, an assistant director for the African Union, and the director of the Committee on Information, as well as the Secretary of Finance for MUNUM XXXII. He is studying Computer Science and the History of Law and Policy, and hopes to go on to attend law school after graduating to eventually practice intellectual property law. Outside of MUNUM, he is also a member of a professional engineering fraternity on campus, and is the president of a group for recipients of one of the University’s most prestigious scholarships, the Shipman Society. In his free time, Brendan enjoys baking, reading, and writing.


Zoey Angers

Secretary of Training

Zoey is excited to serve as the Secretary of Training for MUNUM XXXIII. Model UN has been important to her for over six years, during which she attended MUNUM twice as a delegate. Since coming to the University of Michigan, she has also served as a Joint Crisis rapporteur and as the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency. One of her passions is teaching others, so she is very excited to train our staff to put on an excellent conference. Zoey is studying Space Science and Engineering, focusing on planetary science, since she believes planets are without a doubt the most interesting objects in the universe. She is also a residential advisor on campus, which gives her the opportunity to guide freshmen students at Michigan through their first year. In her spare time, Zoey enjoys tinkering with spreadsheets and exploring thought experiments.

Cassidy Guros

Secretary of Resources

Cassidy is thrilled to be returning as MUNUM XXXIII’s Secretary of Resources! This will mark her sixth year of involvement with Model United Nations, and fourth as a staff member with MUNUM. She has previously served as Assistant Director of the Secretariat Assistants, as well as a Secretariat Assistant. She is a senior studying Sociology with a subplan in Law, Justice, and Social Change, as well as Women’s Studies. She has worked as a research assistant on two labs within the Sociology Department, as well as held leadership positions on other student organizations such as her pre-law sorority. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend law school. In her free time, she enjoys watching The Bachelor, updating her Google Calendar, and nice, hot cups of tea.


Grace knitter

Secretary of Conference Coordination

Grace is delighted to be MUNUM XXXIII'S Secretary of Conference Coordination! This will be her fourth year in MUN and her third year on MUNUM staff, where she has previously served as Director of the Secretariat Assistants and as a Secretariat Assistant. She is currently studying information analysis through UMSI's Bachelor of Science in Information Program and getting minors in Spanish and Gender, Race, and Nation. She is currently an elementary-aged literacy tutor and would love to work in the world of libraries, literacy, and/or publishing. Grace also holds leadership positions on a few other student orgs around campus, including Students for Choice and History Club. In her free time, she loves to bake, read, ride horses, and curate Spotify playlists.

helen sagges

Secretary of Technology

Helen is stoked to serve as the Secretary of Technology. This is Helen’s eighth year in Model UN and her fourth year staffing MUNUM, having previously been an assistant director for both Security Council and Joint Crisis committees, as well as a general crisis staffer. She is currently finishing her last year of an Aerospace Engineering degree, specializing in space systems. Outside of MUNUM, Helen has spent two years conducting near-Earth plasma field research through the Climate and Space Department. In addition, she is on the outreach committee for an aerospace group on campus, an active member of the Society of Women in Engineering, and a former event planner for her social sorority. In her free time, she enjoys attending sporting events, binging shows on Netflix, and trying new restaurants with her friends.


Drew Stark

Secretary of Publicity

Drew is delighted to be serving as MUNUM XXXIII’s Secretary of Publicity. This is will be his fifth year in Model UN and his second year serving on MUNUM staff, having previously been a rapporteur for the Global Intelligence Committee. Along with majoring in Microbiology and Political Science, Drew is active on the University of Michigan’s competitive Model UN team, blueMUN, and helps conduct research at a microbiology laboratory. In his free time, he enjoys drinking exorbitant amounts of coffee, purchasing unnecessary clothes, and curating spotify playlists.

Ryan jansen

Secretary of Programming

Ryan is excited to serve as the Secretary of Programming for MUNUM XXXIII. This is Ryan’s sixth year in Model United Nations and his second serving on MUNUM staff. Previously in MUNUM, Ryan served as a Secretariat Assistant. He is a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in Moral and Political Philosophy. Outside of MUNUM, Ryan is active in the University of Michigan’s competitive Model U.N. team, blueMUN. He previously has worked on congressional campaigns and has interned for elected officials. In his free time, Ryan loves trying new coffee shops, writing poetry, and managing his three fantasy baseball teams.