General Assemblies


The General Assembly, headquartered in New York City, is one of the 6 main sectors that make up the United Nations. All 193 member states (as of 2019) have equal representation regardless of size or population of their nation. As a policy-making body, they cover various topics of world politics and international affairs that deal with peace, security, development, drugs, and more recently, sustainability. They also debate over various other administrative topics such as overseeing the United Nations budget, electing the Secretary-General, and selecting candidates for the Security Council. However, they also develop a system within itself by electing their own president(currently María Fernanda Espinosa of Ecuador for the 73rd session) as well as 21 other vice presidents for each session. They meet every September at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York. We are happy to welcome you to the four Assembly Committees represented at MUNUM XXXIII!







Jessica Y. Wang

Under-Secretary-general of General Assemblies

Jessica Y. Wang is ecstatic to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies for MUNUM XXXIII. As a sophomore studying biochemistry with a minor in writing, she has been involved in Model UN for 4 years and previously served as a rapporteur for ADHOC in MUNUM XXXII. Outside of MUNUM, she conducts cardiovascular research for the medical school, works as a consultant for Impact Investment Group, and acts as the Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador for the University of Michigan. She is an advocate for staying informed on current events and will be happy to race you in the New York Times crossword.