Crisis Committees


Welcome to the Crisis Committees! These committees are a faster-paced, smaller bodies (i.e. a governmental cabinet or corporate board) focused on solving a specific problem. In particular, they are distinguished by the fact that individual and committee actions have consequences, the effects of which will be felt by the various delegates. As a result, most Crisis Committees are similar to a real-time, choose-your-own-adventure novel, encouraging delegates to think on their feet and respond not just quickly, but correctly. Whereas the body as a whole seeks a cooperative end, much like in a General Assembly or Specialized Committee, Crisis Committees further enable individual character growth, allowing for personal plots or schemes to accompany and feature alongside the broader arcs created by Crisis Staff. Considered both extremely rewarding and entertaining, we welcome you to the Crisis Committees at MUNUM XXXIII, and cannot wait to see you at conference.



Castro Revolutionary Cabinet

Goryeo Dynasty



Ukraine civil war

Weimar republic


Charles Rinderle

Under-Secretary-general of Crisis committees

Charles is excited to be the Under Secretary General of Crisis Committees for MUNUM XXXIII. He is a senior majoring in Russian and Romance Language & Literature, with a minor in Ukrainian. Besides helping run the MUNUM conference, Charles is a member of blueMUN, the University of Michigan’s competitive college circuit team, and works as a Residential Advisor in one of the campus dorms. In his free time, he loves long-distance biking and playing board games.