Ad Hoc Committee

Chairs: Solomon Medintz & Soraya Zrikem

TOPIC Background:

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Welcome to Ad Hoc! My name is Solomon Medintz, and this is going to be amazing. I am beyond excited to be co-directing the Ad Hoc committee this year—it has felt a long time coming. I was a rappeteur and an assistant director in the last two Ad Hoc committees, so I am excited to finally be running the committee. A little bit about me: I am a junior in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program. Outside the classroom, I am an opinions columnist for the Michigan Daily, am the Outreach Director the Roosevelt Institute, and am an organizer for the Climate Action Movement and J Street U. I have done Model UN since my sophomore year of high school, and I have seen how amazing this experience can be. I am confident our committee will push delegates to think critically and creatively about global issues, and understand how these issues relate to their own lives.

My name is Soraya Zrikem and I am so looking forward to be co-directing the Ad Hoc Committee for MUNUM XXXIII (by far the best MUNUM yet!). I began my Model UN journey my freshman year as a rappeteur for Ad Hoc, was honored to Assistant Direct as a sophomore, and am now excited to co-direct with Solomon. Outside of MUNUM, I am a Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) and English major with an interest in education policy. Additionally, I am recruitment chair for a pre-law and public policy fraternity, member of the Roosevelt Institute,  choreographer for a belly dancing troupe, and a College and Access Ambassador for the Office of Academic Outreach. My participation in Model UN has always been a highlight of my year, and I have been honored to witness first hands how Ad Hoc topics are able to uniquely challenge and stretch students. I am excited to work with Solomon, Adam, and our rappeteurs to replicate those experiences this year for a new group of engaging and dynamic students!

Last but certainly not least, my name is Adam Ross and I am thrilled to be the assistant director for MUNUM XXXIII’s Ad Hoc Committee! I joined MUNUM staff last academic year as a rappeteur for this committee, and cannot wait to be more involved with helping to set-up and guide the committee’s topic, design, and debate as an AD. I have been on both sides of the dais, participating in MUNUM conferences across the US through high school and was excited to bring that perspective as a member of staff. Academically, I am a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and (maybe) Stats major and outside of class, I am heavily involved doing leukemia research in CMB/Dept. Of Internal Medicine, an IM Sports (especially broomball) fanatic, and busy (and mostly unsuccessfully) trying to teach myself a handful of foreign languages, and as a board member of the Stamps Scholars Society. Over the past few years I’ve had such a great experience with Model UN and believe the committee simulation of a crisis in the past will help delegates address our crisis of the future.

We love working Ad Hoc committees, and want to explain our enthusiasm for this form of Model UN. By the nature of Ad Hoc, we will not disclose the specific committee topic until the beginning of the conference in January. We do so for a couple of reasons. First, the anticipation and topic reveal are fun. Second, since it is impossible to do prior research, all delegates are starting from working with the same information, creating a knowledge basis important to ensure everyone feels comfortable speaking. And last, not knowing the topic forces delegates to think quickly and creatively, figuring out how they want their character to behave in committee and reacting to unexpected information on the fly. As a crisis committee, our Ad Hoc will rely heavily on crisis notes. Though Ad Hoc committees are traditionally for more experienced crisis delegates, we will do our best to ensure that delegates with no crisis experience understand the procedures before committee begins. If you have any questions whatsoever, please email and/or Looking forward to meeting you!

Go Blue!

Solomon, Soraya, and Adam