Giving Back at MUNUM

We are proud to again partner with United World Schools for MUNUM XXXIII.

United World Schools is an organization that works with communities in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nepal to give these children of remote villages access to free education. They work toward their goal to “teach the unreached” through building schools and training teachers. In addition to providing education in reading, writing, and counting in the national languages, United World Schools also constructs publically-accessible latrines, providing the communities with a source of clean water.

During MUNUM XXXII, we donated over $1900 to United World Schools. Our partner school resides in the town of Gufa, Nepal, and has a current enrollment of 145 students. Our donation goes toward increasing the teachers’ salaries, purchasing school supplies for the students, and improving the building’s infrastructure to be able to withstand earthquakes and monsoons. The education in Nepal is focused on active engagement: trying to keeps kids engaged and learning through interactive lessons that often incorporate physical movement.

Below are some photos taken of our partner school:

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg