World Health Organization (WHO)

Chair: Jackson Chen

about this committee:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the UN. As a member of the UN Development Group, the WHO aims to protect international public health and fight health-related issues. This includes but is not limited to mitigating diseases, limiting malnutrition, combating trafficking, and lowering maternal and child mortality rates. Despite recent controversies, the WHO remains one of the world’s forefront public health organizations.

background guide coming in November!

Topic A: mitigating and ERADICATING communicable diseases

Topic B: organ trafficking and transplant tourism


A letter from the chair:

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the World Health Organization! My name is Jackson Chen and I am privileged to be your Director at MUNUM XXXIII. This is my third year returning to MUNUM. In previous years, I was a rapporteur for DISEC and a Director for UNDP, both of which were large, General Assembly (GA) committees. I look forward to chairing and directing a similar-sized committee this year.

I am currently a junior studying business at U-M’s Ross School of Business. I’m also studying Computer Science through LSA, and I’m aiming for a minor in CS. I stay up-to-date in politics and global affairs—the political science classes here are among my favorite. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy participating in case competitions and social events (the jazz band is phenomenal). In my free time, I enjoy swimming, basketball, and video games. I’m also an avid moviegoer, a Reddit enthusiast, and an amateur bowler (still trying to get my first turkey!).

This year’s WHO committee has two topics; both of them have lengthy titles, so bear with me. The topics are “Mitigating and Eradicating Communicable Diseases” and “Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism.” We can call them Eradicating Diseases and Organ Trafficking for short. In the first topic, we will be dealing with communicable diseases, epidemics, ways of transmission, and methods of control and prevention. It will cover both past and recent events, such as smallpox, Ebola, and Zika. In the second topic, we will discuss both the legality of organ trade and the scope black market organ trading. We will also cover countries involved with transplant tourism, both demand- and supply-side.

These topics are both intentionally broad (though, if you were in my previous UNDP committee, you’ve probably realized that these topics aren’t as broad. However, they will still affect every country in some way). Both Eradicating Diseases and Organ Trafficking are issues that affect every country. Even the most developed countries are obligated to combat illegal trafficking and continually improve their disease prevention and control systems (and assist developing countries in their endeavors to do the same). This means no matter which country you’re representing, you’ll always have a voice and a say in both of these topics. Be bold, speak up, and, most importantly, have fun!

We look forward to meeting you in January!

Go Blue!

Jackson and Anna