Specialized Committees


A stylistic hybrid of General Assembly and Crisis committees, Specialized committees are a moderately paced form of debate in Model U.N., covering a wide array of topics from the modern to the historical. Some Specialized committees reenact historical events and may have integrated crises, such as our committee on Mexican Independence, or make new decisions concerning historical themes, like this year’s 1945 British House of Commons and the 1979 Security Council. Others are more General Assembly-esque with a twist, such as our US House of Representatives and Senate. Larger than a Crisis but smaller than a General Assembly, Specialized committees are sure to give any delegate a thought-provoking and engaging challenge with something for everyone!


British House of Commons, 1945

Mexican independence, 1810

Security council, 1979


United states House of representatives

United States Senate


Anna Recknagel

Under-secretary-general of Specialized committees

Anna could not be more excited to take on the role of the Under-Secretary-General of Specialized Committees for MUNUM XXXIII! A junior studying Political Science with minors in History of the Law and Policy and Performing Arts management, she has been involved in Model UN for five years. This will be her third year in MUNUM, having previously staffed the First National Assembly of Greece and co-directed the King’s Council of the Virginia Company. Outside of MUNUM, Anna is a Marketing Director at MUSKET, the largest musical theater organization on campus, and is a Resident Advisor in East Quad. After she graduates, she hopes to attend law school with the goal of working in sports and entertainment. Outside of school and extracurriculars, Anna likes to spend time with family and friends, sing, read and watch hours upon hours of football.